Hello and welcome to DAME our fantastic new kigurumi enterprise. Share in our love of all things animegao kigurumi.

Who are we?

We are a collection of people going under the name of DAME (Dollers and Anime Mask Emporium) to help to provide people with a source for well priced, high quality masks for cosplay related uses. UK based and English speaking offering services World wide.

Our Promises

We promise to create and source the best quality products.

We promise all our kigurumi masks to be Durable, Strong, Comfortable, Water resistant, Long lived, Easy to care for and of Great design.

We promise to provide excellent customer service and support to those who buy from us.

We promise no gimmicks, just transparency.

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Skinsuit (MWF)

Skinsuit (MWF)

"Skin!! Like literal human skin.... Okay just Lycra really"Key FeaturesHere is a list of all of the ..


Skinsuit (Cantillon)

Skinsuit (Cantillon)

Key FeaturesHere is a list of all of the different key features that are provided with each Skinsuit..


Hip Pads

Hip Pads

"Because sometimes a little rounder is a little better" Shaper pads designed to instantly increase ..


Wash Bag

Wash Bag

A bag, for my skin?These wash bags are the perfect size at 26cm x 30cm for a skinsuit and will help ..


Ami Generic Mask

Ami Generic Mask

This is the Ami generic mask which features a set-style face that can be produced faster and at a lo..