About Us


We are a collection of people going under the name of DAME (Dollers and Anime Mask Emporium) to help to provide people with a source for well priced, high quality masks for cosplay related uses. UK based and English speaking offering services World wide.

Mission Statement

We aim to provide a friendly service for people to buy everything they need to start their journey into kigurumi cosplay while providing inspiration through the form of high quality photoshoots.

How We Formed

Sitting in a train station 2 of us got talking and we strayed onto the idea of setting up a new kigurumi mask studio. We started to form a good idea of what we wanted it to be like learning from other mask studios both past and present.

Throughout the discussion it became clear that two people, one with experience of mask making and the other with good computer skills, were not enough to pull of what they wanted to archive so the hunt for a third person began and they soon found someone willing to learn all of the skills required to assist with making masks.

Now starts the long process of creating a new mask style and developing resources like this website ready for our official launch, all while trying to keep up with our daily life's.

During all of this one of us had the idea to start a kickstarter project to help to raise the funds needed to give us that boost to get us closer to being officially launched, asking for £3,000 to help to cover the costs of getting some PU shells developed.

The project was a great success and amazed all of us, reaching the goal within a couple of days and in the end reaching over £10,000 in support from everyone. In doing so this also added extra pressure for us to get everything done to a good standard but more importantly the funds we were in need of for starting materials, tools required for the second mask maker, various admin stuff like website fees but more importantly to our backers the ability to get the PU shells made.

We then started to get back to work focusing on our tasks to ensure everything is ready for our launch, even if it means we are a bit late compared to when we predicted to ensure it is to the standard we want it to be.