About Us


We are a collection of people going under the name of DAME (Dollers and Anime Mask Emporium) to help to provide people with a source for well priced, high quality masks for cosplay related uses. UK based and English speaking offering services World wide.

Mission Statement

We aim to provide a friendly service for people to buy everything they need to start their journey into kigurumi cosplay while providing inspiration through the form of high quality photoshoots.

How We Formed

Sitting in a train station 2 of us got talking and we strayed onto the idea of setting up a new kigurumi mask studio. We started to form a good idea of what we wanted it to be like learning from other mask studios both past and present.

Throughout the discussion it became clear that two people, one with experience of mask making and the other with good computer skills, were not enough to pull of what they wanted to archive so the hunt for a third person began and they soon found someone willing to learn all of the skills required to assist with making masks.

We now have a great team of people at DAME and hire various subcontractors for different products. We have overcome many hurdles trying to reach our original goals and are finally getting there with high hopes for the future.

Services We Provide

  • Our own range full FRP Kigurumi masks, created in the UK
  • 3D designed, 3D printed and hand finished props and accessories for our mask designs
  • Skinsuits, hip pads and breasts forms
  • A platform for mask makers to sell their masks*

* If you are a mask maker and are interested in selling through the DAME website please contact us. Charges to sales do apply.