Orders are currently closed and will reopen in early 2020, we will not be accepting any new mask requests until then.


The Alice style base is the most versatile of the DAME anime mask range. Based on a generic “Moe” style that works well for most anime/manga style characters, with a pin-point nose and heart-shaped face, the design is aesthetically pleasing. We consider the Alice, despite the name, to be suitable for male and female characters fitting to the style.

Mouth, eyes and ear styling are completely custom we have no base mouth or eye design on our semi-custom shells. If you request the mouth or eyes to too be the same as previous mask we have made, we cannot confirm them to be identical.

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Processing Time

Masks are made in batches of 6 pieces and it takes around 3 to 4 calendar months to finish each batch of masks. Unfortunately, we cannot always keep up with demand, meaning we have a waiting list that can be up to 6 months long. We can give you an estimate date of completion but as these are custom works and with us being a small company, we sometimes come up against delays. If there are any delays in completing your mask, we will try to contact you as soon as possible.

If the waiting list should reach 6 months at any time, we will temporally close orders until all orders on the list are complete. This is so we do not become overwhelmed by a large backlog of orders.


  • Mask material: FRP
  • Wigs are fully heat resistant up to 400c (heat tools settings recommended 180c - 200c)
  • Matt automotive standard paint
  • Eyes are water resistant vinyl and polystyrene, black chiffon fabric is now used to conceal sight windows
  • PU foam padding with felt lining fabric (removable and washable in low temps)
  • Eva foam and other materials are used. Latex based glue is also used in parts, if this is a problem please contact us


After the initial deposit is paid and a full quote is given (a full quote can be given before the deposit is paid), we will send you a PayPal invoice to your email address to pay the rest of the mask and shipping costs when your mask is completed. If you wish to pay the remainder early or break up the payments, we can discuss your options with you.

Deposits are not place holders or fail safes they are only to allow customers to break up the costs of the mask.

Ordering Process

  1. Submit your character and the mask style you want via the DAME form linked at the top of this page. Max 2 submissions per person.
  2. We will then review this along with all submissions and if your character is chosen, we will contact you with a quote and character. We will then discuss payment options with you if you are still willing to continue.
  3. You must pay a deposit for the mask, which is 25%+ of the full amount, within 15 days of when you received the invoice. Alternatively, you may pay the full amount up-front if this works better for you, but you must do so within the same timeframe. Once money is received this will confirm your place in the next batch of masks.
  4. Next, your base shell will be made and soon after we will send you photos with “eye stencils” on your design to show you the positioning and size of the eyes. We will ask for your input and shall make changes if needed. We cannot change the eye proportions or shape after this stage.
  5. We will then cut the eyes and add resin putty to the shell to sculpt your custom mouth and prep for sanding. We do not normally update the customer at this stage. We cannot change the eye proportions or shape after this stage, so make sure you are happy at stage 4.
  6. After sanding we prime the mask with paint primer (grey in colour). At this point you will be sent another update to confirm if you are happy with the mouth shape and proportions. If not, alterations can be made.
  7. After confirmation and/or alterations we will paint your mask and add eye lashes, eyes and padding. One again we will update you and ask for your input on the finish so far. There may be straying glue strings and areas we need to clean up before the next stage we are just asking if your happy with the overall look. If not, once again we can make adjustments, so long as they are within reason.
  8. After you have approved the face finish, we will glue on the hair and style it. We at first use light styling to hold things in place. We will send you another update at this point to check you are happy with mask hair styling. Once again adjustments can be made within reason. After any adjustments are made, we will add extra hair styling products like hair spray and gel to keep the style for a little longer. Future maintenance will be required by the customer.
  9. Final photos will be taken on the stand and sent to you. After final checks and approval, we will send the mask to the Address you have provided.
  10. After the mask has arrived we may check in to make sure everything is in order. At this point we will review any critique we receive. If don't respond to critique with solution immediately this not being dismissive, we take time to discuss and work on how to improve our masks you may find in the future your ideas have been implemented and the area of critique as improved.


Not all characters will suit this style. After a deposit is paid, we will confirm your character choice. If we are unable to proceed with your choice due any reason, we will either offer you a mask in a more appropriate style or refund your deposit.

If your character is excepted and your slot is confirmed, all deposit and payments from that point are non-refundable.

To have a full and accurate quote of the mask cost please contact us at You can also email us with any other questions.