Why Make a Blog?

So why make a blog? As we have been becoming more active and working on more projects, we found that we wanted a better platform that would allow us to more freely discuss what we’ve been doing and the projects we’re currently working on, as well as highlight the interesting features and products you can expect to see in the future.

Limitations of Social Media

When trying to make social media posts, a big issue we often encounter is the limited formatting options and size of posts. Facebook allows for a lot of text, but all the text is shown above the pictures and, since a couple of years ago, Facebook removed the formatting options to allow us to emphasise what we're saying and forces everything to look more uniform. Twitter is even worse as all posts have a 280-character limit, which includes spaces, with only up to four pictures afterwards, so if we want to say more then we are forced to use multiple posts instead.

This meant we spent a lot of time trying to edit what we wanted to say so that it fits within the Twitter character limit, meaning we could then post it to both Twitter and Facebook. So, by using the blog, we will instead: have complete freedom to do formatting as we see fit, be able to write as long a post as needed to accurately convey the information we want to share and include as many pictures or other resources like videos as and where we like. We can then simply link to the blog post on social media, with a short summary of the blogs contents included in the social media post.

A Personal Touch

Through the process of editing posts to fit on social media, we’ve had to change how we're talking and the wording of our post to ensure the information is as concise as possible. Though the more we edit down a message, the more professional and impersonal it becomes, which we feel doesn't give a very clear image of what we are like as a company or as individuals. We are just a small team of 3 people after all.

As such, we each come from different backgrounds, have had different experiences and all bring different things to the company. We’ve found that we all fit into different roles within the company, but none of this, none of who we are, comes across in what we say on social media. There's simply not enough freedom on the various platforms to allow for it.

So, why now?

As with most things, you only realise how useful something will be when you don't have it, when you need it or after you get it and think back to how things where before. Ideally, the blog would have been made about a year ago to let us begin talking about some of the various features we wanted to develop, or about our goals as a business and how we how we want to drive the company forward. Instead we tried getting by with social media posts but ultimately, around the end of last year, we decided that a blog would be a better format due to getting tired of working around all the aforementioned limitations.

We had a lot of things we wanted to talk about but decided against because of said limitations, so you can expect more frequent posts for a little while, at least until we manage to catch up with all the things we’ve wanted to say and explain. In the future, we are hoping in the long run that a new blog post will be made about once a month.

What will we be posting?

As time goes on, the blog will be used to cover a variety of different topics, but we will initially be using it to help highlight some of the work we're doing to develop new products and interesting features that will hopefully be available to all of our customers in the near future. We’d also like to take some time to help explain how various things happen in the background and how things are going for us personally.

We hope to make a post about once a month in the long run, but at times where we don't have anything business-related to talk about, we will instead be posting about various topics that we find interesting or different bits of advice.

    So, in summary, we will be gradually adding to the blog to cover the following topics:

    • Business Direction and Goals
    • Updates on New Products and Features
    • Photoshoot Summaries
    • 3D Modelling
    • 3D Printing
    • Photography and Lighting
    • Posing and Outfits
    • Tips and Advice

    TL;DR - Why make a blog? Because I wanted to.

    Written by Charlotte and Lillian

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