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"Skin!! Like literal human skin.... Okay just Lycra really"

Key Features

Here is a list of all of the different key features which are provided with each Skinsuit.

Made to Measure

Every suite is made to the measurements you provide, ensuring that the they will fit you correctly first time.

We suggest that you have someone else take your measurements to ensure they are correct, to help we provide assistance in the form of photos for every measurement needed.

Good Colour Match to DAME Masks

The Skinsuits we provide should have a good colour match to the paint that is used on our masks.

Customisation Options

We offer many different options which you can use to tailor the Skinsuit to your needs or intended use.

Key Optional Features

Here is a list of different additional features that you can get added for a fee.

Vally Processing

We offer valley processing for both genders, the type of which depends on the gender selected.

For males a vest is installed in the Skinsuit to hold a pair of breast forms in place. Velcro soft has been added meaning if you add matching Velcro rough to the breast forms then they will not move about and should not damage the Skinsuit.

For females a 3D chest is sewn meaning the Skinsuit should sit correctly on top of your natural curves.

Separate Toes

All Skinsuits come with the option for separate toes for free.

Multiple Face Options

All Skinsuits can have either an open face or a closed face for free, or for a small fee you can have eyes only or eye and mouth only if you prefer. We recommend an open face to ensure you can see and breath clearly, but if you are unsure you can take a look at our separate hoods which can be worn in addition to the Skinsuit to allow you to change the face opening from open to another type.

Crotch Zips for Both Genders

We offer crotch zips to be added to the suite, either a male zip at 13cm or a female zip at 23cm. All crotch zips include a fabric lining meaning you will not be in direct contact with the zip.

Penis Sheath

Instead of adding a crotch zip you can add a penis sheath, by default it had a length of 15cm and a circumference of 11cm, if you wish to change these then feel free to leave a comment during the checkout process with the sizes you want.

Back Zip

Due to a series of bad back zips using the Hidden Zip style we have decided not to offer this zip anymore and now all Skinsuits will be supplied with a Nylon Zip which should have a good colour match to the fabric these zips will have less chance of breaking compared to the Hidden Zip supplied previously.

Processing Time

This item is made externally, due to this a lot of the processing time is not up to us.

Orders will be placed regularly and collected in a warehouse before being shipped over to the UK with other available products, when it is cost effective to do so, depending on the products available. We have found Skinsuits usually arrive in the warehouse within a month of the order being placed and with our customers a few weeks after that.

Select the colour you want the suit made in.

What is your real gender?

This is used mostly by us for selecting the correct type of valley processing but is also passed onto the manufacture as part of the measurements.

Select the cup size that you want or have, this will be used when adding valley processing to your suit if you have opted to it.

Breast Forms sold separately!

What face opening do you want for your suit?

Do you want socked feet or separate toes?

Do you want any special crotch options or openings?

Male Crotch Zip - 13cm long

Female Crotch Zip - 23cm long

Penis Sheath - 15cm long, 11cm circumferance

Measure the width of your shoulders going from the edges of your shoulders passing behind the back of your neck.

Stand upright and measure from the bottom of your neck, between your collar bones to the bottom of your crotch, at the point of the perineum (space between your gentiles and your anus). Ensure the tape measure follows your curves but is not pulled too tightly.

This is your chest and not your bust, so for males it will be easier to measure without any breast forms.

Stand with your legs slightly apart, like the letter A, and measure from the center of your crotch to the inside of your ankle.

Measure the thickest point of your upper leg and get it's circumference. 

You may wish to use hip pads if you plan to use them when wearing the Skinsuit, but it is not important if you can't as the suit will stretch.

Keeping your arm stretched out, measure from your armpit to your wrist.

Ideally with your arm hanging freely, measure the circumference of your upper arm.

Measure the circumference of your palm but do not including your thumb.

The length of your middle finger from the base to the tip. You may find it easier to use a solid ruler for this measurement.

This should be in mm and not cm.

Measure the circumference from the middle of your neck.

The horizontal circumference of your forehead.

Measure from the middle of your eyebrows to your chin, passing over your nose.

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