Key Features

Here is a list of all of the different key features that are provided with each Skinsuit.

Made to Measure

Every suit is made to the measurements you provide, ensuring that the they will fit you correctly first time.

We suggest that you have someone else take your measurements to ensure they are correct, to help we provide assistance in the form of photos for every measurement needed. If you are planning to use any shapewear, like a corset or hip pads, then we also recommend that you wear them while taking measurements.

Good Colour Match to DAME Masks

The Skinsuits we provide should have a good colour match to the paint that is used on our masks.

Customisation Options

We offer many different options which you can use to tailor the Skinsuit to your needs or intended use.

Key Optional Features

Here is a list of different additional features that you can choose to have added, though some will cost extra to add.

Vally Processing

We offer different options for the chest, a normal 3D cut chest for both genders and also both a vest or a built in vest for males.

The differences between the 2 vests is how they are built into the suit, one is using a stretchy mesh material and has its own zip to do up at the back but may be hard to do by yourself, while the other is mostly made out of the same fabric as the Skinsuit and is built into the main back zip making it easier to put on by yourself without any help.

Separate Toes

All Skinsuits come with the option for separate toes for free.

Multiple Face Options

All Skinsuits have multiple options for the face of the hood, either closed, fully open or a large window for your eyes are free while separate eyes, mouth and even a mouth condom are available for a small fee. We recommend an open face to ensure you can see and breath clearly, but if you are unsure you can take a look at our separate hoods which can be worn in addition to the Skinsuit to allow you to change the face opening from open to another type.

Crotch Zips and Penis Sheaths

For the crotch area you have multiple options at 3 different length zips, 13cm for males, 25cm for females or the large 35cm for both genders and some extra fun. Alternatively, there is an option for a penis sheath instead if this is what takes your fancy. All crotch zips will have an internal fabric flap to ensure you are not in direct contact with the zip.


All Skinsuits ordered will come with a strong YKK zip as the main back zip used for entry in and out of the suit. A smaller zip will be used for the crotch zip to keep it more hidden.

Processing Time

This item is made externally, due to this a lot of the processing time is not up to us.

Orders will be placed regularly and collected in a warehouse before being shipped over to the UK with other available products, when it is cost effective to do so, depending on the products available. We have found Skinsuits usually arrive in the warehouse within a month of the order being placed and are sent out to our customers a few weeks after that.

What is your real gender?

This is used mostly by us for selecting the correct type of valley processing but is also passed onto the manufacture as part of the measurements.

Size of your breasts either in cup size or length, width and height in cm for improved accuracy.

Breast Forms sold separately!

Closed face is a complete hood with no holes in it

Open face is a hood with a large hole for your entire face

Eye Window is a large hole that both of your eyes fit within

Eye Holes is a hole for each eye

Mouth Hole is a hole where your mouth is

Mouth Condom is a pocket of fabric that goes inside your mouth

The length from one shoulder to the other.

The length from your shoulder to the base of your neck.

When standing, the measurement between the centre of your crotch and the start of your neck.

The maximum circumference of your chest, breath in and out when measuring and take the largest measurement.

The circumference of your waist, measured at its thinnest point.

The circumference of your hips at the widest part.

The length of the inside of your leg measuring from the crotch to the ankle.

The circumference of your thigh just below the crotch.

You may wish to use hip pads if you plan to use them when wearing the Skinsuit, but it is not important if you can't as the suit will stretch.

The circumference of your ankle at its narrowest point.

The length of your foot when flat on the floor.

With your arm to your side, measure the length from your shoulder to your wrist.

With your arm stretched out, the measurement from your armpit to your wrist.

Your upper arm circumference, at its widest point.

The circumference around your elbow.

The circumference of your wrist, at its thinnest point.

With your hand flat, the circumference around the palm not including your thumb.

With your hand flat, measure the length of your middle finger in mm.

The circumference of your head just above your ears and eyes.

The circumference of the base of your neck.

The length of your face from your eye brows to your chin.

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