This mask is an original design entirely made from the Alex semi-custom base, you can make them your own character and develop their personality. Features and colours are as shown in pictures but the mask's bangs are currently unstyled and after purchase we can discuss how you want them done.

Key Features

  • Mask Style: Alex
  • Paint Colour: Standard Dame skin tone
  • Hair Colour: 27 - Milkmaid Blonde
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Hair Style: Unstyled
  • Eye Colour: Custom
  • Eye Style: Custom
  • Padding: Adjustable
  • Condition: New (completely unused made for direct sale)

Production Time

This is a pre-made mask that is ready to be shipped. It will be shipped within 5 working days of ordering this mask.

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Location Without Insurance With Insurance
Zone 1 (UK) £13.00 £19.50
Zone 2 £19.50 £25.00
Zone 3 £23.50 £29.00
Zone 4 £32.50 £38.00
Zone 5 £38.00 £43.50
Zone 6 £45.00 £50.50
Zone 7 £57.00 £62.50
Zone 8 £62.00 £67.50
Zone 9 £74.50 £80.00

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Alex Blond Hair Pre-made

  • Brand: DAME
  • Product Code: M106
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £650.00
  • £550.00

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