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"Such an ice king you are! A beautiful tyrant! An angelic devil! A raven with the wings of a dove. My little lamb with the appetites of a wolf. My very own Sebastian darling!" ~ Grell Sutcliff

A Grim Reaper, or Death God (Shinigami), named Grell Sutcliff that became the accomplice to a mass murderer and in doing so came into contact with the protagonists of the Black Butler series, a demon using the name Sebastian Michaelis and a young man under name of Ciel Phantomhive. Since the meeting with the two, Grell has developed a rivalry and one sided romantic obsession with the demonic butler Sebastian.


The mask was originally made by Emily for the Black Butler photoshoot, though was unfortunately damaged during transport afterwards so, in order to fix it, the mask first needed to be stripped down before we could work on restoring it. The hair was styled externally by Porkcube for the original photoshoot and they were kind enough to work on the hair again for us to get the mask ready for sale.

The glasses were our very first attempt at making glasses for a mask, meaning they lack properly functioning hinges and are a little on the thin side. Additionally, some extra sealant has been added to ensure that the paint does not leave a mark on the mask. Whilst they may not be perfect, we learned a lot from making them and have since greatly improved upon the general design of all the glasses we've produced since.

Key Features

  • Mask Style: Alex
  • Paint Colour: Kig Pink (Standard)
  • Ear Style: Standard
  • Makeup Style: Custom
  • Blush Colour: Custom
  • Eye Style: Custom
  • Eye Colour: Custom
  • Eye Lash Style: Custom
  • Eye Lash Colour: A - Black
  • Eyebrow Colour: Hair Colour
  • Two-tone Hair: Standard
  • Hair Colour: 04 - Red
  • Hair Style: Custom
  • Hair Length: Long - 80cm
  • Hair Type: Type 1 - Straight
  • Padding: Adjustable
  • Condition: New (used for a single photoshoot, padding is unused)

Production Time

This is a pre-made mask that is ready to be shipped. It will be shipped within 5 working days of ordering this mask.

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