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This is a pre-made generic mask using the Anna style generic base, with features and colours as they are shown in pictures.


This mask was made by Emily to showcase future potential features for the Anna style, as well as the recently added elf ear option, and has been used for a single photoshoot, worn by Lillian.

We wanted to demonstrate how simply changing the mouth and eye shape of a mask can drastically change the look and feel of the shell used to make it. These features are still in the prototyping stage, so they may look a different when the options eventually come to our generic masks. This mask was also used to showcase one of the other paint and fabric colours we offer for our Masks and Skinsuits respectively.

Key Features

  • Mask Style: Anna
  • Paint Colour: Brown
  • Ear Style: Elf
  • Makeup Style: Custom
  • Blush Colour: Standard
  • Eye Style: Custom
  • Eye Colour: Custom
  • Eye Lash Style: Custom
  • Eye Lash Colour: A - Black
  • Eyebrow Colour: Hair Colour
  • Two-tone Hair: Standard
  • Hair Colour: 69 - Azure
  • Hair Style: Fringe 1 - Straight
  • Hair Length: Short - 36cm
  • Hair Type: Type 2 - Curly
  • Padding: Adjustable
  • Condition: New (used for a single photoshoot, padding is unused)

Production Time

This is a pre-made mask that is ready to be shipped. It will be shipped within 5 working days of ordering this mask.

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