"Because sometimes a little rounder is a little better"

Shaper pads designed to instantly increase the size of your hips and bum and give you a curvier, more feminine shape. Pads consists of an inner foam core with a 4-way stretch Lycra/spandex cover and a wool blend felt backing. To give you a smooth shape the pads are designed to be worn with the curved spandex cover on the outside of your hips while the flat felt backing sits against your body.

Available in three thicknesses allowing you to choose the amount of curve you desire.

Key Features

Fabric Covered

The outer fabric cover protects the foam, while at the same time making the pads more pleasant to handle.

Easier to Reposition

Pads won’t ‘grip’ or ‘pull’ against your shape-wear like plain foam does making them both easier to slide into place and reposition as well as greatly reducing the chance of damage to the edges.

Skin Coloured

Outer covering is flesh-tone to help reduce visibility under shape-wear.

Processing Time

10 Working Days

Please Note - Due to the fact these are a custom made item, with each set of hip pads being made to order to your individual measurements, the time required to fore-fill your order will be slightly longer than for a ready made item.

From the top of the hip bone to just above the knee.

From the middle of the butt to the middle of the hip (imagine drawing a line straight down from the top of your hip bone down the side of your leg).

Thickness of the hip pads at their thickest point

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Location Without Insurance With Insurance
Zone 1 (UK) £9.00 £15.50
Zone 2 £13.50 £19.00
Zone 3 £18.00 £23.50
Zone 4 £21.00 £26.50
Zone 5 £27.00 £32.50
Zone 6 £27.50 £33.00
Zone 7 £46.50 £52.00
Zone 8 £51.50 £57.00
Zone 9 £58.50 £64.00

Hip Pads

  • £75.00

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