We’ll be taking time off over the next few months, dates are as follows:

  • Tuesday 28th Nov - Tuesday 5th Dec
  • Friday 22nd Dec - Friday 5th Jan

Orders will remain open, but we won’t be progressing new and ongoing orders or monitoring emails and social media during these periods.

Privacy Policy


By using our website or services you are agreeing to our privacy policy, this is a 2-way process as information will need to travel in both directions. This outlines what we will do to look after your data and what we expect in return.

Section 1 - What you can expect from DAME

All personal details that you provide to us will be safely stored and will only be provided to people outside of DAME on a need to know basis, in accordance to the Data Protection Act 1998. For example, this means that if you order a skinsuit, we will pass on your measurements to the skinsuit manufacture but they will never be provided with your name, address or contact details but will instead have an arbitrary order number to identify your order.

We will store all information in a private location either locally or online, only people from within DAME will have access to this area and it is their duty to ensure this is still the case and report any potential breaches so they can be discussed and improved upon, be it a different working practice, more security or relocating the data itself.

Section 2 - What DAME excepts from you

We are providing a service but we wish to be able to take brakes. We ask that you respect our personal privacy in 2 main aspects:

If you know who we are then do not tell others - some of us at DAME wishes to remain unnamed, this is to ensure that business matters do not affect other people’s views of them.

Do not contact anyone within DAME either personally online or in person about business related matters without their prior approval - we all require some separation and space away from work at times so we wish for you to only contact us through our official channels and the person most appropriate to your matter should respond.

Terms Explained

This means the entire DAME (Dollers and Anime Mask Emporium) group who represent and run DAME.
This is you as both a service user and customer.
Data Protection Act 1998
This is a section of UK law that applies to any organisation operating within the UK which holds personal information about others, it is in place to govern how the data is handled to help to protect people whose data is being stored.