Key Features

Nipples Included

These include prominent nipples, meaning you do not need to add your own to get them to show through the Skinsuit.

Additional Velcro

We have added Velcro rough to our breast forms so they can be attached to the vest within the Skinsuits brought from us. This means the breast form will stay in place when you move about and that the weight will be held by the vest and not by the Skinsuit or the stitching holding the vest and Skin suit together.


With their round shape it provides a perky fullness allowing you to look young and alive.

Production Time

We do not keep this item in stock, instead we order it when required, we expect for it to take up to 5 working days for us to get this item ready to ship.

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United Kingon £7.50 £7.75
Europe £22.50 £22.50
Worldwide Zone 1 £35.00 £35.00
Worldwide Zone 2 £55.00 £55.00
Worldwide Zone 3 £75.00 £75.00

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Round Breast Forms

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