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Key Features

Perfect Colour Match to Cantillon Skinsuits

Produced by the same manufacturer using the same material as the Skinsuits, these Gloves should be the perfect match as they have all the same colours to choose from.

Made to Measure

By providing the requested measurements and choosing between either elbow or armpit length, these Gloves can be made to fit you exactly, meaning they will look as good as possible whilst still being easy to slip on and off as needed.

Photographers Best Friend

Easy to put on when needed to allow photographers to interact with their subjects, small enough to live in a pocket when not in use and in our experience works with camera touch screens.

Production Time

This is an addon product for Cantillon Skinsuits, meaning it cannot be ordered on its own. For information on current production times, please refer to the Cantillon Skinsuit product page.

Select the colour you want.

With your arm to your side, measure the length from your shoulder to your wrist.

With your arm stretched out, the measurement from your armpit to your wrist.

Your upper arm circumference, at its widest point.

The circumference around your elbow.

The circumference of your wrist, at its thinnest point.

With your hand flat, the circumference around the palm not including your thumb.

With your hand flat, measure the length of your middle finger in mm.

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