We’ll be taking time off over the next few months, dates are as follows:

  • Tuesday 28th Nov - Tuesday 5th Dec
  • Friday 22nd Dec - Friday 5th Jan

Orders will remain open, but we won’t be progressing new and ongoing orders or monitoring emails and social media during these periods.

Terms & Conditions

Following is the terms and conditions that apply to all purchases made through DAME both directly and indirectly.

1. Ordering

1.1 All orders are final at point of purchase

Once you have handed money over then your order is finalized, after which you cannot change any options you have selected.

1.2 Final address is provided at point of purchase

When ordering your address is correct and cannot be changed without a valid reason and advance warning.

2. Shipping

2.1 DAME is not responsible for lost or damaged packages

All liability in the secure and safe transit of the items we are shipping to you is down to the courier company handling your parcel.

2.2 DAME will assist in any insurance claims for lost or damaged parcels

As long as you have opted for insurance when selecting your shipping option, DAME will assist to the best of our ability with any claims with the courier company.

2.3 DAME is not liable to assist if insurance was not taken out

If you have opted for shipping without insurance then DAME is not to be held responsible for assisting in claiming for any lost or damaged parcels.

3. Returns

3.1 Returns are submitted through the returns form

All returns are submitted through the returns form found here.

3.2 Returns will be assessed by DAME

All returns will be processed by DAME to ensure that the claim is valid.

3.3 Return claims for bespoke items may be denied

All claims for bespoke items will be heavily assessed and may be denied on the grounds of the item being too bespoke to be resold.

3.4 You have 14 days to submit a return

Upon receiving your order from the courier company, you have a maximum of 14 days to submit a return request provided that the contents of your order have been neither used nor damage since you received them.

4. Custom Commissions

4.1 Minimum deposit is required

DAME requires a minimum deposit of 25% of the full cost to provide you a space on the waiting list.

4.2 All services must be paid for before completion

DAME will not send product/s to you until full payment and shipping fees are paid.

4.3a Cancellation/termination of service

If, for any reason, a customer should seek to cancel/terminate the commission prior to completion of the product then the customer is to compensate DAME for all costs and charges incurred for work already undertaken and will also be liable for any third party costs incurred by DAME.

4.3b Cancellation/termination cool down period

After cancellation/termination we have period of 6 months where the customer cannot reinstate or start a new commission project with DAME.

4.4a Payment Terms

DAME reserves the right to create specific payment terms for customers, in some circumstances these may change from from the standard.

4.4b Payment Period

Payment instalments should not exceed the time period of 6 months from first payment.

4.5a Right to refuse service/s

DAME or any individual at DAME has the right to refuse services to any individual or group at any time.

4.5b Right to cancel service/s

DAME reserves the right to cancel a commission at any time.

Terms Explained

DAMEThis means the entire DAME (Dollers and Anime Mask Emporium) group who represent and run DAME.
YouThis is you as both a service user and customer.
Courier Company
The company appointed by DAME to handle delivery of your items to you.
BespokeA custom made item that is unique to you and your order in some way.

Change Log

  • 29th November 2017 - Initial version
  • 15th September 2020 - Added 3.4, 4.x and improved wording on 2.1, 2.3 and 3.3