This is the Anna generic mask which features a set-style face that can be produced faster and at a lower cost to our semi-customs. The same high quality finish and materials as the semi-customs come as standard for this mask. This mask is produced in the UK and has a production time of 4 to 6 weeks.

Key Features

  • Cute, pleasant design from experienced DAME sculptors and artists
  • FRP full ¾ shell - Strong light FRP shell designed to last
  • High quality automotive matt paint - Extra smooth finish with blush and detailing
  • Water resistant Eye designs
  • Hair is heat resistant high quality hair fibres
  • Removal/adjustable padding - Mask with Velcro attachment points added inside and a set of 7 soft fabric covered foam pads
  • We ship worldwide!

Mask Style

Anna is based on the original Alice mask. It does not quite have the same proportions as the Alice semi-custom shell, but the shape as been modified so you can still accommodate larger head sizes. The eyes and mouth are set into the mould unlike our semi-custom works that have no features.

Mask base size (rounded to the nearest cm):

  • Width without ears 23cm, with ears 25cm
  • Length 28cm
  • Circumference 84cm

Recommended for head sizes 55cm to 60cm. May fit little larger or smaller heads.


We offer a large range of different paint colours that match the skinsuit colours we offer for free. The paint is matched to the fabric samples so, if you are unsure which colour you want to go for, we recommend that you purchase samples in the colours that interest you as seeing them in person can often help you to make your decision.

All paint that we use is high quality automotive paint that has been custom mixed for our masks to better match the skinsuits, but due to differences in paint batches and skinsuit fabric batches we cannot grantee a perfect match every time.


Hair is glued on to the top of the mask directly. If you wish for alternative options for wig styling, please contact us before ordering. Hair is configured by selecting their hair colour, length and if you want it straight or curly, as well as selecting how you want us to style the front of the hair. If you want a custom fringe style then you can upload a picture to show us how you want it done.

We do not do ponytail styles for our set style masks. You can buy matching clip-on tails for our standard hair colours in curly or straight styles here.


We offer a range of different eyes with set colours, but if you wish to have custom made eyes then you can upload a picture showing us how you want them to look and we will design them for you.

Eye lash design can be selected or if you don’t like any of them you can upload your own reference picture and we can design the eye lashes based on that. We offer limited colours as we are restricted by the different colours of low profile EVA foam that are available from our supplier.

To give people more control we allow you to select if you want the eyebrow colour to match the hair or to be black.

Eye sight port location:


We ship our masks with a basic padding set which includes 3/4" inch thick pads and 1" inch thick pads.

Padding can be washed at 30°C on a delicates setting. Padding is lined with an antibacterial fabric and uses 100% non toxic foam.

Custom Options

There are multiple different options where you can select to have something made custom for your mask instead of selecting the predefined options. Where it is possible we will charge you extra based on the standard time it takes for us to complete the work, this means we will judge the work based on its complexity and if we feel it is too complex then we will contact you as soon as we can to discuss it. For all options you must upload 1 image to be the reference for that area, if you want to use the same reference image for multiple custom aspects then please upload it for every reference required.

All custom work is nonexclusive, meaning we reserve the right to add it to part of our standard range of options or to reuse it for someone else. If you have any issues with this, then please feel free to contact us to discuss this with us directly.

Production Time

We can produce these masks very efficiently compared to semi custom masks. Production time is estimated at 4 to 6 weeks, provided we have shells in stock and conditions are normal, whilst a low stock of materials or holiday periods may cause delays. If this is the case, we will inform you immediately after purchase of the reason for the delay.

Please note, production time does not include the time taken to ship the product.

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Anna Generic Mask

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